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BNI Alberta North (Regional Office & Training Centre)

Pat Stride, Executive Director

18933 - 111 Avenue, Edmonton, AB  T5S 2X4     Take a Google Tour Inside!

Tel: 780.641.2870     Fax: 1.888.528.8442     Email:

CollapseAlberta North

Alberta North
Attn: Pat Stride
18933 - 111 Avenue
T5S 2X4
Phone 780.641.2870
Fax 1.888.528.8442
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Patricia Stride, Executive Director, 780 641-2870, Send Message
Clark Stride, Regional Admin, 780-641-2870, Send Message
Elvira Sison, Regional Admin, 780-641-2870, Send Message
Robin Greene, Regional Admin, 780-641-2870, Send Message
Victoria Forchuk, Regional Admin, 780 641 2870, Send Message
Jason Vance, Area Director Consultant, 780 800-0052, Send Message
John D. MacLennan, Area Director Consultant, 780-876-4129, Send Message
Anthony de Sousa, Director Consultant, 780-906-2095, Send Message
Jim Whitesell, Director Consultant, 780-641-2870, Send Message
Nathan Osterhout, Director Consultant, 780 472-1688, Send Message
Aanand Mehta, Ambassador, 780-707-3962, Send Message
Ben Guittard, Ambassador, 780-686-4273, Send Message
Brad Ray, Ambassador, 780 462-5900, Send Message
Brad Richardson, Ambassador, (780) 720-9430, Send Message
Brent Haydey, Ambassador, 1-780-700-5533, Send Message
Chris Korte, Ambassador, 780-640-3322, Send Message
Colleen Terlson, Ambassador, 780-803-8600, Send Message
Corey Hill, Ambassador, (780) 483-5869, Send Message
Dan Houcher, Ambassador, 780-963-8945, Send Message
David Unrau, Ambassador, 7804248171, Send Message
Garrett Scully, Ambassador, 780 532-3366, Send Message
Harriet van Staveren, Ambassador, 780-640-6810, Send Message
Hubert Lau, Ambassador, 780 421 7373, Send Message
Jacqueline Frend, Ambassador, 780-667-9426, Send Message
Karen Cloney, Ambassador, 780 974-7012, Send Message
Kelly Hoy, Ambassador, 780-940-8368, Send Message
Krishna Tailor, Ambassador, 780.454.9656, Send Message
Matthew Hollingsworth, Ambassador, (780) 340-1780, Send Message
Nathan Buckley, Ambassador, 7803570336, Send Message
Neville Ward, Ambassador, 780-935-5831, Send Message
Rob Mamchur, Ambassador, 780-940-1118, Send Message
Stephen Yakimets, Ambassador, 780 462 1313, Send Message
Steven Hambly, Ambassador, 780-433-4426, Send Message